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In order to participate in the My Burger King Experience survey, follow the below image to visit the official website to enter the survey. Please enter the restaurant number of your receipt to start your survey and at the end of the survey, you will win freebies. Also, note that you will have to provide genuine feedback for a better chance to win.


Give Feedback

After reviewing the terms, you have to do ‘I Accept’ to the rules of the game, and that’s it! Anyone lucky winner will be awarded a cash prize of $1000!

This survey is carried out every month, and Burger King actually gets a billion entries for the survey. Even if you don’t win the game, don’t lose your hope! Try it again next month, and who knows you might get lucky for real!

One lucky winner will get the Grand Prize of $1000! It will be handed over to the winner in the form of a cheque. This prize money won’t be transferred or substituted by anyone except the winner of the survey.

Hope that you are clear on how to place an entry into the MyBKExperience. Ask up your queries by commenting them in the space provided below. Thanks for reading this post and we hope that it helped you to understand how the complete survey process works.

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30 thoughts on “Enter Survey at My Burger King Experience”

  1. Ordered the special 2 for $6 Whopper special along with a large chocolate shake. The shake was the worse I’ve ever ordered, it was the texture of water real watery. The isn’t the first time this has happened at this Burger King, it just means that we will be going back to Checker’s, Wendy’s or McDonald’s.

    This incident happend at the Burger King on US 1 in Fort Pierce, FL. 34950

  2. They have an amazing and clean environment, never get our order wrong, and have the most polite staff! I do recommend coming to the Burger King in Boise Idaho on Broadway!

  3. Visited Burger King at Location 11108. My Experience was pleasant, until an Employee Arrived and Put his Cell Phone on a seat in the Dining Area playing Music. I was just trying to relax and enjoy my breakfast.There was a lot of Boisterous Chatter with the other Employees. When I complained to the Young Man, he was not pleased. If Burger King doesn’t have a Standard for Employees in The Dining Area, I certainly hope you Develop a Clear and Concise Format.

  4. Burger king has a warm atmosphere with Disney tunes playing. The restaurant was very clean. The staff is polite as well. No complaints. Thanks!!

  5. Par for the course today for B.K., tried to do survey and it wouldn,t work because the cycle was filled ???? I was more than 5min. in the drive thru, over billed , but I caught the mistake and had it corrected , my order was correct.

  6. The establishment was clean and tidied upon arrival. Staff were very friendly and helpful. Management was readily available to assist their staff with any inquiries related to operating their order system. Received food promptly and thoroughly enjoyed. Ketchup packets were very sticky though.

  7. My order is unique since I eat Keto. Cashier was friendly young lady. Food was fresh/good, restaurant clean, and workers friendly.

  8. I was very happy and had a lot of fun with your counter/cashier he is the best employee you have I hope he stays with you his name is Gary

  9. Wopper was barely warm

    Doors, drink machine washrooms, floors filthy

    Leaking urinal, run on toilette

    Will not return

    1640 main st winnipeg manitoba

  10. I visited BK on 87th Dan Ryan on 8/17/2018/BK #00181. I was not able to participate in the survey because the receipt did not contain a survey code. I did not appreciate that because I don’t get a chance to take the survey often and I did want to at this point. So I lost out on the opportunity to participate as well as a free sandwich. So, if I go there again, I will make sure the receipt has a survey code.

  11. I tried to use my survey re crept at the blazer at 660 king st in keysville Virginia store number 9909. I wa required to buy a sandwich and fry and drink. Then I had a coupon for buy a sandwich and get one free. I was charged $8.00 plus. I didn’t purchase anything and ask for my coupon and survey code receipt back and didn’t receive the survey code receipt back and they threw my coupon in the trash. The manager at this store is always rude to people!

  12. I came to the cashier made the order and it was wrong(I didn’t know til I was gone). While he was walking to the fries he knocked a fry holder on the floor picked it up and put it on the counter, then when my order was at the fry stage he picked up (the 1 he dropped on the floor) fry holder and started to put my fries in it “I said you better not even use that cuz you dropped it on the floor, he threw it away(I guess) turned around and said is this 1 ok. I was shocked!!


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