What are the rules of Survey?

The survey was initiated for the MyBKExperience community and officials said they had to follow certain rules and regulations. This article will help you follow the rules and regulations of the lottery and seize the opportunity to win the $ 3,000 gift card.


What are the rules of MyBKExperience Survey?

What are the rules of the MyBKExperience guide? Here is a list of people who are eligible for the raffle and who have the opportunity to gain rewards after research.

  • Users can earn a $ 3,000 gift card from US citizens 18 years of age or older and connected to the Internet.
  • You can participate in the raffle every month using the survey.
  • There can be many prizes, including the $ 3,000 gift card provided by MyBKExperience and other coupons.
  • Employees or their family members can not participate in this survey.
  • To enter the contest survey, you must complete the survey and follow the questions and answers you received after your last visit to the MyBKExperience store.
  • You can do the research at the end of this survey.


The information provided was prepared for clients who wish to participate in the survey and who have the opportunity to participate in the raffle to win exciting gifts and rewards. Respond to the survey and reward yourself by following the detailed steps and procedures to receive the rewards and participate in the raffle.