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Burger King is one of the best and biggest fast-food restaurant chain in the world. It is also the 2nd largest hamburger fast-food chain in the world. Now, some of you may be regular customers of the restaurant.

If you have a receipt or a recent trip to Burger King, then you can take a survey on www.mybkexperience.com.

Upon completion of this Burger King survey, you will receive a free coupon code as a reward.

You can get a free Whopper with an order of a drink and a side by redeeming this coupon. Furthermore, the official survey website is easy to access and the survey is also pretty much simple.

In this post, we will see how to take the survey and get yourself a free coupon code from Burger King.

Take Survey or Give Feedback

www.mybkexperience.com survey

www.mybkexperience.com Official

MyBKExperience Survey is the official feedback survey carried out Burger King. All you need to take the survey is a recent receipt from the restaurant. Follow the steps below to take and complete the survey.

  • Visit the Burger King Survey website from here.
  • Select your language and enter the restaurant number in the field.
  • You can find that number on the top of the receipt.
  • Click on Next and enter the 20 digit survey code from the bottom of the receipt.
  • After that, click on Start and the survey will start.
  • Answer all the questions and submit the form.
  • In the end, it will show you a coupon code which you have to note down on your receipt.

This is the entire www.mybkexperience.com Survey procedure. When you visit Burger King again, take the coupon and present it to the cashier before the purchase. That way, you can redeem a free Whopper with your order.

This completes our article on www.mybkexperience.com Official Website. Make sure that the receipt you have is not too old or you won’t be eligible for the survey. For the in-depth information about the survey, visit our homepage at BKSurvey.

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  1. Wyema and Jasnine at your store 3500 S. 5600 W, West Valley City, Ut 84120.
    These girls are friendly, they greeted my friend and I with a smile. Ask if there anything
    else we needed. Our order brought to our table. Wyema and Jasnine thanked us for coming in. You did a good job in hiring these girls. Wyema and Jasnine, good job.
    You should be rewarded for an out standing job.

  2. The last 3 times I’ve been to store #17604 the food has been old. I went there last night and the bottom bun of my whopper was soggy and the onion rings weren’t cooked all the way. It used to be really good. It’s getting to the point where I’m going to stop going there.

  3. I went through restaurant number 18773 on the date of August 7th 2018. I ordered a whopper sandwich by itself and was very dissatisfied with the sandwich; when I open the rapper all I could see is the meat and the bun so I opened it and there was few specks of lettuce. I told the manager and right away she said what that’s how we do it next time ask for extra lettuce. And I know I’ve eaten at other Burger King’s you could see the lettuce on the sides and it put sufficient amount to balance the ratio of other components of the burger you don’t just want to taste the meat and the bread. She came back to me the little pouch of lettuce after I sat down to start eating my burger. And I mentioned this burger doesn’t even come close to the picture you have on the menu. She said don’t pay attention to the picture it’s never the same but I told her it’s not even close so I asked her why is the point of having a picture we are going to get even close to it we order food based on what you have there to on the picture because it looks good and it brings up the appetite. The following day I had a burger at Carl’s jr. And what a difference you could see the lettuce that use leaf lettuce but you can see the letters of the onions and tomato and it was nicely stack a very appetizing looking. So I hope in the future that restaurant does a better job well I don’t know about the rest of the chains if they’re consistently making a burger that looks appetizing don’t forget we eat with her eyes too.

  4. receipt did not include special code on bottom of receipt. It was torn off at Bk. Bk # 1642 order 393666 Reg 3 08/10/2018 8:00.AM Stopped in for a large coffee, no one was visible
    at the counter. Waited for a few minutes Kelly appeared from the back and I asked for a coffee. She said” I will be with you in a minute” sharply. She started to do something under the counter There was a man who had ordered and he was given his food No one else was in there.. When she got up I asked for a cup of coffee again, This time she was even more rude in her answer of “Ill be with you in a minute”. I should have left at this juncture but I waited. She finally got my coffee. When was on my way out the door she said in a nasty tone.” Your welcome.” It was a poor experience. I realize as a senior citizen I have choices as to where I shop, I always enjoyed Burger King but will not go to the Fairport store again,

  5. Me and my wife visited burger king #6095 and got the two for six in the drive thru . After getting home about 3 miles away we sat down and open my wopper my wife took of half of lettuce which had too much on it and all pilled on top of each other and my sandwich had lettce staked up, the tomato pile on top of each other and had 11 pickles on it . I don’t eat pickles but told my wife I would just pick them off. Eleven pickles with the juice all over the sandwich. I felt that whomever prepared the sandwich did not take their job seriously or was playing some kind of joke. But I’m not amused. So a call the restaurant and told the manager and did not get any satisfaction so I’m reporting this to you and hope that it’s addressed. I was # 46 at 6:26 in Ocala FL on Aug 10.2018.thank you. My # is 352-239-8605

  6. I don’t like the only 48 hours availability to enter a survey. McDonald’s has seven days which is why I go there so often. Also I don’t like the fact that you can only do one survey in 14 days while I can put in as many as I want for McDonald’s.

  7. Burger king at harvest square 53 highway harvest alabama was super slow messed up several peoples orders and took 30 minutes to get my one sandwich and didn’t apologize this is the most unorganized burger king I have ever been in and definitely the slowest they need to be retrained on customer service

  8. Mole all over the buns i ordered take out and when i got home opened up my burgers mole enfested buns on whopper bugers nasty nasty place how does this bugerking so blind when makeing these hamburgers come on people whats wrong with this resturant i have pictures i took of these hamburgers stay away from this restaurant 1601 n hacienda Boulevard la puente, ca 91744 BURGER KING #4878 !!!

  9. My husband and I visited store #5344 yesterday around 6:30, there was 1 other customer, I have NEVER seen a Burger King this dirty,the floor was disgusting, all tables had food or junk on them we had to clean 1 off. I needed to use the bathroom, OMG it was so bad the smell hit you before opening the door, paper and more all over the floor, it had not seen a cleaning in some time! In the time it took us to eat, not 1 employee came out to clean, pick up or doing anything, oh i might add there was plenty of employees i counted atleast 5! There were a few cars go through the drive through, but no other customers came inside while we were there, so it’s not like they were overwhelmed. Tried calling the number on receipt its out of order! Burger King #5344 12044 SE Division Portland Or, you should be ashamed!

  10. The workers were so enjoyable. Me and my buddies we’re traveling back to Tennessee and we went thru drive thru. Got all our food separately bagged and hot. Love them peeps in Adairsville.

  11. I visited store # 4413 on 8/12/2018
    I was very satisfied with the order, in fact it is the best Burger King I have ever had.
    The staff was friendly & helpful. The food was hot & delicious. For being an old building the store was clean & well maintained. I was going to take your survey but it was prompting me to download programs on my computer and well NO.
    Survey Code #12248-3101102411-080356. Sure I would like to get free food but my main objective here was to give credit where credit is due.
    So props to Lucia the cashier & all the other employees that made this a pleasurable dining experience. Thanks

  12. Burger King on Military Rd, Niagara Falls, NY.
    Ordered and paid for’: After opening bag: MISSING-
    3 Cheese burgers 1 medium fries
    1 Medium fries 1 small Coke
    1 small fries 2 cheeseburgers ( rec’d 2 burgers instead of)
    1 medium Coke
    1 small coke Wasn’t busy at all….just lousy service….no more BK for my
    $8.85 money!!

  13. The Burger King in my city Saratoga Springs, UT (#17830), 119 E Crossroads Blvd, is the worst run BK I have ever been to. It seems ever-time I go there they are either out of something or some equipment is broken. The workers are young and don’t seem to have been trained very well, I don’t think a manager is even on site. I would go to another BK but they are quite a distance away.

  14. Living at the Ritz
    $1.89 plus tax $2.05 will get you a small watered down Coke.
    I call a ripoff. I am a senior citizen so give me a break

  15. Took my MIL to lunch, received our order, sat, and watched as a table covered with spilled pop sat. And sat. And sat. Finally, the guy at the cash register comes up with a couple napkins in his hand. Starts to wipe; he’s WAY outgunned, here: he needs a few dishrags, plus a mop, because the floor is soaked, as well. He starts wiping the table with a rag. DUNKS the rag INTO THE MOP BUCKET, wrings it out, and starts wiping the TABLE and SEATS again. Same rag. And repeats. Mop bucket. Seats. Table. Wipes his hands ON HIS PANTS, puts up the “Wet Floor” cone, and heads back to the kitchen area. He parks the bucket behind him, in the kitchen/cash register area, and starts taking orders. Handling money. Handling cups. Oh, yeah, and before this episode, he’d HANDLED OUR FRIES, directly from money to ready-to-eat food, without gloves.

    BK Middletown (Breiel Blvd) #4064 may never see my happy face again.

    my survey code 34998-37111-13416-080925 ORDER NUMBER 97 AND ASKED FOR A CONTACT BACK ON 8/13/18. I FELL IN THE STORE ON 8/13/18 ABOUT 1:13pm . WHEN THE RUG I STEP ON AND FLOOR WET CAUSING ME TO FALL. I have yet to hear back from any one,
    work number 217-525-4888
    or cell number 217-341-2026
    very upset about your managers handling.

  17. No one answers the phone EVER at the BK I went to. BK #1602 I was trying to call because they got my order wrong. Tried to go online and you have some stupid system that keeps redirecting you to survey sites. I was so frustrated I wanted to scream. Spent more time than it was worth to get here.

  18. My last 3 trips to BK resulted in drive-up window person telling me they were out of Frozen Fanta. It normally is late afternoon with many hours left in your business day,(including the dinner hour.) Today when I went through drive-thru the girl came to the window with a plastic cup 1/3 full of orange Fanta and said they were out and would I like this portion. I declined the offer and called another girl over to help her ring up the refud. I told that person that it was disappointing that I couldn’t take the treat home to my wife. The second girl left the window and returned with a full cup of Frozen Fanta. (Very unusual);
    To compound my concerns, I had ordered a Whopper /no cheese as well as a crispy chicken. I was asked to pull to the front of the store while the chicken sand. was prepared. When the girl brought the order to me she said she couldn’t remember if I wanted the spicy or crispy. I stated “I don’t want anything spicy” so she removed one sandwich from the bag and handed me two bags, one with burger and the other that I expected to be the CRISPY chicken. When I arrived home I discovered that the chicken sandwich was SPICY, It was dinner time for my wife, (who is confined to bed ) so I did not return the sandwich to the store. I do not want compensation for the meals, I just feel that there is a need for retraining. There are codes available on the wrappers that should have been utilized to avoid the girl mixing up the final order.

  19. I live in San Antonio Texas I have been going to my local Burger King off of 3102 Goliad. I have nothing but bad experience at this resturant. They run out of sausages, hash browns are so greasy and if they been sitting there for a long time and they are cold. Every time I try to do a survey it says they have met their required survey limit really. I rather go to McDonalds since thier food is much better and they never run out of sausage and their hash browns are freasher and no problem with their survey. I have posted it on Facebook so too bad

  20. Went to Monroe La Burger king today and they say pull up to the first window . After the lady says pull up with out asking me what drink I need .She assumes I want a Coke no I’m diabetic . After we pull to first window the lady gets our card the she goes to second window and waves us up to the second window . After that she hands us the food . As my,husband drives away I look in bag . Get charged for a meal and get no fries ..I call the store and when I’m talking to the Manager she hanged up on me .this is the worst place ever . Maybe y’all need to rethink your management down to crew because you will not be getting my service ever.

  21. I was at burger king #25319 on 08/16/2018at 10:30 p.m. I have gotten two double cheese whooper from the time they open. I had to explain to them that the whooper come with two slice of cheese. This is a big problem and it need to be fix.

  22. Bad customer service free whopper offer for taking survey but u have but a drink and side and automatically have get fries so why put side side can mean different items but no they say just fries these people suck at customer service husband likes coming here cause close but i wouldn’t give them anymore of my money if it was up to me

  23. I visited the Urbana, Frederick, md. Burger King on August. 17 and placed my order 18.14. There were 2 people ahead of me. While standing there. 6 cars went through the drive thru and were served. The two people in front of me were also served. My whoppers came up then they had to wait for fries to be cooked. I finally got my order 15 minutes later. I told the manager Carlos Batres that I had been waiting while all these other people were waited on. He didn’t say anything.
    Boy at counter apologized. I told manager that this is no way to run a business. By the time I got my meal, my husband and I were the only ones In The store. The sandwich was just warm, fries were hot. What an experience. The manager could have at least apologized or done something for us. Made as hell. Never going there again.

  24. Burger king has 2 lines to take orders, took the same line twice. I had to wait longer when I should have been next. If you can’t work 2 open lines then close one down. Also I got a whopper Jr. Had a little piece of lettuce and not much of anything else. The bun wad hard like it was old

  25. October 14, BK 03639, terrible costumer service, young people don’t want to work, I asking for whopper they give me humberger, BK change a lot, I will stop going there.

  26. I waited 30 min for a chicken plus cheese and onion ring with med. Dr.pepper. 2 car in front of me. Wont be back. Food was COLD. Lansing Ks.

  27. This this was the first time in a long while that I stopped at BK for a whopper( I dearly love them) today the meat in my whopper was so dry and tough I could hardly chew it! What a disappointment.

  28. Store #9848. I stopped at BK for a whopper. ( love them). Today the meat was so dry and hard I could barely chew it. So disappointed.

  29. I visit BK quite often .I take the survey and will return them to the closest BK I’m visiting . Today as the nearest BK is located at 7 east Garfield store 222995.To my amazement because this particular receipt from another store I was told I had to return to that BK. I’ve never had this happen before…. Please inform me of the policy. Thank you in advance.

  30. Went to store # 9343 for lunch . Restrooms are out of order according to employees. They served me stale fries and no ketchup to go coz they don’t have ketchup packets. I don’t know why they’re even open for business.

  31. I ordered a whopper at a shop downtown Pittsburgh, PA Store 22816. I was stunned how long it took to get customer orders. The area was full of people waiting for their food since it seems a manager had been missing up food orders.

  32. We went to the Burger King located in Spokane Washington on the corner of Division and Hoerner at 1 pm. I went to use the bathroom-women’s-and observed BLACK MOLD on the floor were it meets the wall. Informed employee of discovery and informed her that this is dangerous for everyone who comes in here. Employee shrugged shoulders and walked back behind counter. I then took a look around the dinning area and observed dirty table’s and seating. We then walked out making sure not to touch anything with our bare hands. This Burger King either needs a new manager or be shut down. We will never go back to eat anything there again… No store number due to not eating in a place like that….

  33. Hi. My husband and I go to the Burger King at 12002 N. 32nd st. in Phoenix AZ( store #2302)
    There is an employee that works there in the evening. We think his name is Edmond. He is so friendly and extremely helpful. We have come back more often because of him. We really wanted you to know what an exceptional employee you have at this store. We hope he is recognized for his kindness. Thank you.

  34. Ordered the grilled chicken club salad and paid 5.39 for it. They offered limited dressing flavors, the lettuce was wilted and the salad was small. Not happy with my meal at all. Very disappointed!!

  35. Just stopped in at our local BK & was very disappointed. I actually like BK but today the bun was burned & the grilled chicken slightly burned also. They need to pay some attention to the temperature for the buns. Nothing worse than a burnt bun & chicken to ruin a good sandwich. Guess store number is 2003 but not sure


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